International Trade and Development in Bengal: Perspectives of Mr Chandra Kumar Bose (Aparajita Banerjee and Bhargavi Battala, July 2016)

A major part of the bilateral mission for exchanging knowledge and educating countries about socio-political and economic changes, takes place when independent people to people correspondences create an opportunity to further the understanding. The aim of this independent research was to investigate how Australia and India could engage in a symbiotic dialogue that would facilitate  

BCI in India with a focus on Kolkata and North East,2018 A Strategic Road map -The way forward and Possible Outcomes

1.Executive Summary The concise report outlines the BCI’s global strategy and its relevance to India with emphasis on the Kolkata and NE region. This report outlines the overarching strategic direction intended by the newly formed Kolkata and NE forum and its alignment with the stated 5 year roadmap by BCI India chapter. The short, mid